April 28, 2008

Hmm. I’m into it.


Various Goings Ons.

April 28, 2008

Here’s some fabric I dyed:

It was VERY bright and unattractive. So I redyed it with a weak brown and it’s much nicer now. I’m going to sell this batch (in FQs 4 from each yard)

And on my big quilt front, I’m working on the pieclique. This is a PITA when you’re working so big.

The freezer paper is impossible to iron because it gets so wrinkly. However. So much easier than piecing curved seams.

Then I got a quilt on the frame today, it’s a 2 fabric wholecloth. It’s pretty crazy lookin’

Just a little peek for now. Busy busy.

My hands are blue

April 24, 2008

I’ve been dyeing all day since at long last I’ll have a washing machine again tomorrow. I’ve been washing fabric out in the sink and it’s laborious. I’m pretty excited. I love all these colors, I like dyeing so much I’m considering selling some FQ sets on ebay since I obviously have no need for the 40+ yards I’ve dyed over the past few weeks.

Anyone interested?

April 17, 2008

Dear God,

I love this quilt, please let me get it together without any more problems that cause me to pull my hair out.

❤ Adam

My templates are made, my fabric is dyed, all I have to do is get this beast together (which will be the hardest part since I can’t piece to save my life)

However! I’m determined to make this work.

April 14, 2008

I haven’t quilted in a few days since I’ve been waging war with a projector that refuses to cooperate. Long story.

Anyway, I’ve recently been working on my machine and frame trying to get the *expletative*er to work. I removed my leaders and put them on again much straighter and tweaked a few things on the machine itself, then i drew on one of my hand dyed pieces of fabric and did a little stitching for about an hour.

My mom really liked the colors in this fabric, so I guess i’ll give it to her. Rayon in the bobbin is a pain in my magnificent high toned ass.

It’s so so hot here.

April 5, 2008

Seriously, it’s ridiculously hot. I was up way too early to go buy a bolt of PFD fabric, but then I had all you can eat sushi for lunch, so i guess it balances out.

Here’s my fabric for my quilt for Innovations. I still need to wash the turquoise about ten more times. That dye is so stubborn. I spent about an hour washing it by hand before I gave up. It’s about 6 yards of blue and 5 of brown, which should be enough for my quilt and then some.

The colors look a lot better in person. I’m really pleased with them, but my brown is a little red. It’ll still look great (I think)

Then I did some more with my leftover brown and these are awesome!

I love that second one. I love them all really. This started out as gold fabric but it still took the dye pretty well.

While I was shopping I bought fabric in gold, turquoise and chocolate brown because I wasn’t sure if my dyeing would work. I wanted to see how my thread choices stitched up so i threw together a little top very quickly and loaded it so i could play.

I must have been drunk because some of those feathers are atrocious. I’m glad I did this little sample because I hate that gold color with the brown and turquoise.

April 3, 2008


I think that looks pretty good!

I got a big box from dharma today so I spent the day playing. What a god awful mess this stuff is. Also I can’t for the life of me figure out how my purple gradations both ended up blue.


That second one is like a completely different fabric. I can’t believe it came from the same container as the other six.


See! Purple-blue!


Feathered spirals.

April 1, 2008

Ok, I finally worked this bad boy out and I can move on.


I drew almost a full page because I was running into trouble trying to figure out how to layer them.  I ended up just doing double feathers when I had open space too small for a spiral. That worked out pretty well.


Then it was back to the frame and about an hour of stitching until I had a sample I was happy with. Yay!


That’s 3/10 done. Pebbles and teardrops, feathered spirals and the tiny feathers. I made a video of me quilting, but i can’t figure out how to edit me and my mom arguing out of it. I’m sure I will eventually.