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  1. Michelle Wyman said

    Very nice Adam! I can tell you have a lot of artistic talent and it’s neat to see it translated into fabric and quilting.

  2. Wow, you’ve got the talent, I’ve seen people with the 30 thousand dollar machines not able to do anything like you do, when are you gonna show your quilts or have you already? Your one of the naturals…

  3. Adam,your quilting is truly magnificent.
    Esther Aliu

  4. Nicholas said

    Okay, so I can’t find your email. I think it might be on the other computer but I’m way too lazy to go boot that bad boy up.

    So: I need your magnificent color theory background… I’m knitting mittens for an individual with a burgundy / mulberry coat. Thoughts on possible color combinations that aren’t the traditional jewel-tones? I saw a metallic green that I loved and was an amazing match, but not at 20.00 a skein…

  5. NOOOOOOOOO! You can’t stop blogging! Your work is beautiful, I love your blog posts and your sense of humor! It’s not your problem that people are bitching… it’s their’s. Please, please, please don’t stop blogging, Adam. I look forward to reading your blog every day, and I’m sad when it’s not there.

  6. Becca said

    I couldnt find your email so I will post this here.

    I just read your blog and am sorry you are having such a hard time. I read it yesterday also.Dont give up writing it please? Sometimes we may not have all happy joyful stuff to write about and you are right its a choice to read it or not. I have shown your blog to many as I find what you do very inspiring and incredible. You are who you are and that shouldnt change. But PLEASE dont stop posting or doing what you do, my morning coffee would not be the same. Dont get me wrong I still worship my morning coffee but I would miss you not on my blog roll! Ü


  7. jhwolf said

    I hope you reconsider not blogging any more. I thoroughly enjoy the blog and look forward to your next post even when you are growling about your machine.

    I don’t know what has taken place but please know that you are a very talented young man and have been very willing to share your talent with others. Most likely, those who have been sending unwelcome comments and emails are only jealous of the magnificent work you are doing with a crappy machine and hope you will stop showing them up.

    As you said, this is your blog and if they don’t like what you say, they don’t have to read it.

    Please don’t keep your beautiful work from those of us who not only enjoy seeing it, but enjoy your sense of humor, and your grumpiness.

    Judy in MO

  8. stacey said

    hey Adam, I just found your blog and I think you are friggin amazing! I just got a short arm machine – lil-gracie and it is finally working fine for me – but I really want a long arm machine. Anyway, your work is a true inspiration for me – keep it up – you are a true artist!!!

  9. Geniene said

    Had to see all your postings. Loved them all. Every good and perfect gift is from above.You definitely are gifted.

  10. Miri said

    Beautiful work. Can’t wait to see what you do with the dyed fabric. Your work totally blows me away.

  11. Becca said

    YAY!!!!!!!! Here I am with my morning coffee ready to read! Ü

  12. Sharon said

    Adam — I missed you terribly — thanks for coming back. I am not new to quilting, but new to quilting tops and making them look halfway decent. Your’s are spectacular! The lone star is awesome. I don’t have a longarm, but am making an effort to try on my Janome.

    Sharon in warm Colorado

    P.S. It’s hard, but try to ignore the idiots.

  13. Adam,
    I so admire your quilting. So much so, that you’ve been tagged. Please visit this post to find out what to do.


    Caron Mosey

  14. Nicole said

    Hi Adam,

    I’ve been reading your Mikey ‘verse on LJ and decided to check out the blog. Your quilts are beautiful. You’re so talented.

    Btw, I can’t get enough of Mikey’verse! All of the kids are adorable, but I’m partial to Ollie. I love a marshmallow tummy!
    I’d really like to be your friend on LJ. Are you not accepting any more friends?

  15. Hi Adam

    I have had a look at your work and it’s stunning . I was wondering if you would be interested in showcasing some of your work on Stitcher’s Showcase.

    Stitcher’s Showcase is a website my husband Jeff and I have started that is dedicated to stitching artists showcasing their work, including quilting and tapestry artists. We want to provide a great community for artists to showcase their work and to interact. We would love to see you bring your talents to the site.

    We hope the community will inspire others and help them with their activities.

    There is no charge. You can customise your own page and include a link back to your website to help promote your own activities. We only ask no blatant commercial promotion of products etc.

    The website is http://StitchersShowcase.com

    If you like the site and would be kind enough to help us spread the word, a mention in your blog or on your website would be greatly appreciated.

    Regardless, I would love to see you showcase your work there.

    Thanks, and look forward to hearing from you.

    Ann Pritchard
    Stitcher’s Showcase

  16. Jim Kankula said

    Adam! Keep on keeping on. Gosh your work is beyond words for me. I just got back from a quilting retreat with about 70 women and me, it is awesome to see another guy doing this. Now we just have to get you to Alex Anderson’s retreat next year to fawn over your work and double the testosterone.

  17. T.Murphy said

    OMG! Seriously O M G !!!!!!

    I found your blog through your post on MQR about how you loathe your Voyager. I have had mine for a couple months now and I am not even going to go into why you don’t like it…. frankly I don’t care….. after seeing what you have done on it…. I think I love you!
    If I can be even close to as good as you I will die a happy woman, hopefully not for another 60 yrs or so but you know what I mean!

    You are INSANE! and I meant that in the absolute BEST way possible!

    O M G!!!!!!

  18. Jessica Peralta said

    ADAM….where have you been? I want to chat with you and catch up. I miss you, Man. Your quilting is totally Fabulous, just like you. Email me, call me, something!
    The best neighbor you ever had,

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