It’s so so hot here.

April 5, 2008

Seriously, it’s ridiculously hot. I was up way too early to go buy a bolt of PFD fabric, but then I had all you can eat sushi for lunch, so i guess it balances out.

Here’s my fabric for my quilt for Innovations. I still need to wash the turquoise about ten more times. That dye is so stubborn. I spent about an hour washing it by hand before I gave up. It’s about 6 yards of blue and 5 of brown, which should be enough for my quilt and then some.

The colors look a lot better in person. I’m really pleased with them, but my brown is a little red. It’ll still look great (I think)

Then I did some more with my leftover brown and these are awesome!

I love that second one. I love them all really. This started out as gold fabric but it still took the dye pretty well.

While I was shopping I bought fabric in gold, turquoise and chocolate brown because I wasn’t sure if my dyeing would work. I wanted to see how my thread choices stitched up so i threw together a little top very quickly and loaded it so i could play.

I must have been drunk because some of those feathers are atrocious. I’m glad I did this little sample because I hate that gold color with the brown and turquoise.


7 Responses to “It’s so so hot here.”

  1. Carol said

    My friend, Ronda, told me about your amazing talent and pointed me to your website. Beautiful work with color, texture, design – you are so gifted! Thank you sfor sharing your inspiring work!

  2. Diana Wilson said

    Uh oh, you hate that color combo? So NOW what are you going to do? Can’t wait to see you show quilt. Will this be your first show quilt>
    ps, see you in chat?

  3. I really like what you’re coming up with! I certainly see a book in your future. You’d better get it on before someone else does! I’ve played with dying my own fabric a little bit, but you’ve done a whole lot more than me. I have all the stuff, and now the weather is perfect for it! I might just have to set aside a play day!

  4. carlafibers said

    Love the blue thread on the gold… also the hand dyes. I hear you about your hands giving out. Some people use their washer on rinse cycle for the last rinse step.

  5. Vicki W said

    Your quilting is amazing! The hand dyed fabrics are beautiful! One thing I do with my hand-dyed fabrics to get the dye out is to put them in the bat tub with really hot water and let them soak for 2 – 3 hours. Then I drain and repeat until the water runs clear. I do the final wash with soap in the machine.

    One other thing that I discovered was that the warmer the dye bath is during the dyeing process the less problem that I have risning the excess dye out. I dyed a backing once and I put the dye bin on the dryer while it was running. The dye bath was almost clear when I poured it out and it only too one rinse.

    Great blog!

  6. Love the blog, Adam! Looking forward to seeing what you do with that fabric!

  7. Sharon Spingler said

    Love it!!!! And there is certainly nothing wrong with your feathers!! Sometimes we are our own worst critics.

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