First a confession because I need to get this off my chest.

I have a palpable hatred of art quilts.  There. I said it.

I say this while I am in the process of making an art quilt for reasons I don’t entirely understand. Do I hate them because I hate mine? Absolutely not, mine is sort of nice and it’s an actual quilt, not just a bunch of crap fused together. It has seams in it, I’ve actually constructed something with a sewing machine instead of whipping out a bottle of glue and closing my eyes while hoping for the best.

Here’s what pisses me off about art quilts, let me paraphrase something I read just yesterday.

“Here’s my latest art quilt. It’s fused n’ stuff. I want you to buy it for 500$ I went to school therefore I am an artist. Give me money.”

Not so much. Glorified crafter maybe, but artist? To each his own, totally, do what you want, if you can see some scraps and some glue go for it, but for God sakes, don’t pretend a pig in a prom dress is a princess. (you like that? feel free to use it)

The thing that pisses me off most of all is when I’m viewing pictures from a show and some fused hunk of glue wins an award while a traditional quilt that’s beautifully done and flawlessly executed gathers dust. What’s technical about owning a pair of scissors and a hot iron? Nothing! They require little skill at all and everyone still throws their legs into the air and pollutes their britches with glee.

Do I think all art quilts are crap? No, absolutely not. Do I think 90% of them are. Hell to the yes, ya’ll. Makes me want to punch an art quilt in the face!

I don’t get it at all. That said this is my blog, these are my opinions and if you have a problem there’s a box of knee pads in the corner. (Ten of you just gasped and clutched your pearls while Gayle called Steve over so she could read that aloud. and you wonder why she’s my favorite.)

Also stay tuned for my art quilt which I will be attempting to sell to you all for at least 500$. I want a new machine and if I’m gonna be a whore I’m gonna be honest about it. I want your money, take my art quilt. You don’t even have to call me the next day.


1 and 4 are 8×54” 10.00$

2 and 3 are 11×60” 12.00$

2.00$ shipping on each. Reply here with your email if you want one. Paypal only.30% silk 70% Rayon

Why am I selling scarves? Well, see, I ordered some to dye them because I like dyeing crap and I have no use for brightly colored silk scarves. Not only do I think you’ll look fabulous in one, but you’ll look thinner, and they’ll make your husband more attentive in the bedroom.


February 26, 2009



February 24, 2009


I’m working on a new project because I totally lost interest in my circle quilt for the time being. It was just such a pain and I wasn’t sure about the applique fabrics, but i went with them anyway (big mistake)

So I’ve started a new quilt, pictured above. I’m actually using Sharon Schamber’s Fresno Spring Bloom pattern for raw edge applique. However I don’t think raw edge applique has any place in quilts so I’ve converted the pattern to turned edge applique. Converting it to turned edge hasn’t been easy, but it’s so worth it. This is a beautiful pattern.  The original made a 22 inch block, but mine is 30 inches to be the center medallion of a quilt. I really like it so far.

February 9, 2009

I’m working on a video of fillers, so I’ve been playing (since you can only draw so much) here are some pictures. file0022


And the Winner is…

February 4, 2009


A couple of you guessed red or rust, but her name was the one i pulled out a an empty box of whoppers.

Diana, I will make you any sort of quilting video you want as a prize (eventually)

And here’s my quilt thus far, I’ve taken a break from it for a few days, but I wanna get some more done so I can do the handwork while I’m in New Orleans for my sister’s wedding.