My hands are blue

April 24, 2008

I’ve been dyeing all day since at long last I’ll have a washing machine again tomorrow. I’ve been washing fabric out in the sink and it’s laborious. I’m pretty excited. I love all these colors, I like dyeing so much I’m considering selling some FQ sets on ebay since I obviously have no need for the 40+ yards I’ve dyed over the past few weeks.

Anyone interested?


5 Responses to “My hands are blue”

  1. carlafibers said

    Yummy colors!!! How’s the hands holding up from all that wringing?

  2. Sally said

    How about selling them on Etsy, I think it might be better for hand dyes

  3. Gayle said

    I dont know much about Etsy, but I do know lots of artists/crafters who sell stuff there. May be worth checking out, Adam.

    Pretty colors. And YAY for a washing machine!

    Have you thought about prices?


  4. Sharon said


  5. Judy Wolf said

    I love the fabrics!! You shouldn’t have any problems selling those.

    Judy in MO

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