September 18, 2009

This is a video for all the Prodigy people who are thinking about or have ordered their SS model machine. I’m not affiliated in any way, this is just to show you some of the features and the things that I love about the machine. (everything)



9 Responses to “”

  1. Vicki W said

    So you like it OK?

    How tall are you????

  2. Angie said

    Beautiful quilting Adam! Thank you so much for filming the video right in the middle of your moving no less! It’s very informative for those of use waiting for our Prodigy Quilters. You said you quilt with Silk Thread. Do you have a link to a supplier you can share with me. thanks.

  3. sammi said

    thank you for the show! I love your new Prodigy … and you will only love it more and more as you stitch on it! Peace and love, Adam.

  4. Lynda in the mtns of NC said

    Thanks for the report! I’ve been interested in hearing about this machine. I’m so glad you got it!!

  5. Jude said

    Hey Adam! You sound so happy! Thank you SO much for the video as it clarified a few questions I had about my setup. I have the same needle up/down problem and we are working on a fix for that so I will let you know if we can get it working correctly. I also cannot figure out how to do it with the red switch. But it sure is an awesome system and I am thrilled as well. :o)

  6. Leslie said

    Hi Adam… great video. Question, you don’t have the 3rd roller (front) on it, but looks as though it may be underneath (??) and you may have your backing/batting rolled on it? Could you please explain when you get a free moment? I’d like to take my 3rd roller off sometime in the future, to the underside of the front and use it at least to drape the excess batting over. Thanks much! Leslie

  7. Debbie said

    Hi Adam. 6’4″. Wow! Thank you for the video. Sounds like you really like the machine. So, when I checked the Prodigy website, they have three models. Which did you get – and did you get anything extra beyond one of the standard models? I hope to get a long arm one of these days (wish, wish). I can machine quilt, but it takes sooooooo long on a domestic machine. Thanks for any info.

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