Adam’s mega update.

September 12, 2009

Here it goes, one big update since I’ve been busy packing and about to be busy moving.

First of all my new house:





Look! An actual laundry room which shall henceforth be known as my fabric dyeing room!

In addition to that I finish a 1930’s star quilt (actually it’s totally finished as I did the binding this morning)




and then I doodled some



And then my friend Michelle had a jerk baby a year ago so I made her a birthday quilt from fabulous uncle Adam



Her baby is a year old and it’s not smart enough yet for me to talk to about important things so I’m hoping the bright colors will stimulate her.

In case you’re wondering about who this baby is here’s a video of her defying me:

and because I’m still getting used to my new machine (and because I finally found the macro button on my camera) here’s some more doodles.




7 Responses to “Adam’s mega update.”

  1. Vicki W said

    When is the big move? I hope it goes smoothly and you have your longarm set up first!

  2. terificreations said

    As always I’m truly inspired by your quilting!


  3. Terri said

    Can’t wait to see your personal stamp on the new abode! Good luck with your move!

  4. Lee said

    omg, your new house = awesomes!

    Also, just as an FYI…the quilt you made us so long ago is still holding up beautifully, and still looks fabulous. 🙂 I can’t even tell you how much we love it.

  5. Renee Showers said

    Adam the new house looks awesome and your practice pieces look great. And remember when little people start talking they dont stop!!

    Your going to have a ton of fun in your dye studio with natural light and space.

    So glad to see you posting again, missed you during your illness, hope that is all going well.

  6. I just want to know when your dvd will be available for purchase…. I am so inspired by all of your demos. Love your stuff.

  7. Adam, we love the bright colored quilt for the baby! Thank you for sharing your wonderful blog, we love seeing our diverse quilting family hard at work and nice to see some guys’ work! Check out our blog at:

    Keep up the great quilting!

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