A little dust never stopped me none.

July 1, 2009

I miss my old camera. It took the best pictures! This one takes really good video, but I want nice pictures again 😦

I was planning to buy a new camera with my check from teaching the class but now most of that is going to my new computer (my computer crashed fyi) and my machine (the one that still isn’t…ah, nevermind, you know the drill.)

Anyway if anyone has any recommendations on a good digital camera, that’s  affordable, has a macro lens, optical stabilization internat battery and takes at least 8megapixel photos lemme know.

For now here’s a shot of my ironing surface which is no longer clean. :(!


As you can see I’m getting quite a bit done with my messing ironing surface.


7 Responses to “A little dust never stopped me none.”

  1. LindaKs said

    hey Adam, is that a perfect un-melted circle maker I see standing there?
    Now see… you are still teaching. I would have never thought to put Toile on my ironing surface.

  2. terificreations said

    If you can get one I highly recommend the Canon Powershot A650 IS. I’ve had one for nearly two years and love it! It has all of the features you’re looking for and more. I was also able to get an 8 gig memory stick and love that….I’m not having to remove pictures before I’m ready. The picture quality is phenomenal.


  3. Lisa said

    I just picked up my issue of Quilters to see your Lonestar quilt. It looks great, I was hoping to see more of your work in there. Next time they will have to do a spread on your work. I look forward to reading your blog and videos. They are amazing, so inspiring. For those of us who live in small towns we do not have access to hands on teaching you help to teach us, we are greatful. Hope you run another class through MQR, I am really sorry I was not able to take the first class. Keep up the inspiring work, and thank you!

  4. Adam, where have you been? No recent blog entries?!?!

  5. Debbie (in Chico/Sacto) said

    Adam – I’m crying for you. Hope all is well.

  6. cscortez said

    Anxiously awaiting news of your new machine… would love to see how it’s going for you.

  7. Becca said

    Hey You! We NEED info on the new baby! Oh yeah and I want to retake your class. Are you going to offer another one?

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