June 7, 2009

Janet-Lee Santeusanio emailed me this morning to let me know my quilt “Through Her Stormy Waters” will be featured in the September issue of The Quilter Magazine

It’ll be in stores mid to late July.


25 Responses to “”

  1. gari said

    Congratulations, I look forward to seeing and reading about it.

  2. Judy said

    Wow!! Congratulations! Now even more people can admire your beautiful work.

    Judy in MO

  3. Vicki W said

    Yay!! Very cool!

  4. Nicholas said

    Congrats – that is awesome!

  5. Nancy in Calgary said

    Wow – Adam how wonderful – congratulations and very much deserved. I’ll be looking for the magazine but of course being up here in Canada we get everything much later than you.

  6. jodi said


    It will be fun to see ”your baby” in print. Watching him grow from just an idea to adulthood was fun!! He is beautiful and you deserve so much credit….job well done!!

    Leavenworth Kansas

  7. kayp said

    whoot whoot! wtg.

  8. Lynda in the mtns of NC said

    Congratulations, Adam! Delighted to see you start to get the recognition you deserve. And we can say we knew him when…

  9. Deb Levy said

    very cool, congratulations!

  10. Vickie said

    great news! I’ll be looking for it!

  11. sammi said

    WooHoo ! My favorite magazine, too! Congratulations.

  12. Kathy said

    Way to go, Adam! It’s beautiful (but that’s no surprise).

  13. Debbie in Chico said

    Congrats! I’m happy to hear that your talent is being recognized!

  14. JOY said

    I’ll be picking up a copy of that one for sure 🙂 I really like your work!

  15. carie said

    That’s awesome Adam! I’ll be sure to buy a copy. Congratulations.

  16. Congratulations!!! With your talent, it was only a matter of time. Can’t wait to pick up a copy of the mag.

  17. Jo Ann said

    Congratulations, Adam!

  18. yetunde said

    i am doing the happy foot for you.

  19. Donna James said

    Congratulations, Adam!
    I’ll certainly be getting that issue.

  20. Congrats, Adam. What an honor.

  21. Gayle said

    I hadnt read any blogs for 8 weeks Adam.. Congratulations! You so deserve this.

  22. That is good news, Adam! Congrats!

  23. Jackie B said

    Adam, saw your quilt in the magazine yesterday. Nice spread on men quilters. It’s a beautiful quilt. Congratulations!!

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