April 18, 2009


New quilt. I’m never going to get tired of making quilts with colors that are impossible to photograph. I started this quilt this morning at 9am and then worked all day. I’ve had a truly awful week and I needed something to take my mind off of…everything. Also I quite smoking Tuesday at 1am which means I’m 4 days in. Pretty good so far. Am I tempted to smoke? Yes. Am I eating everything in sight? Yes.

Am I saving more than enough money per month to pay for my Prodigy? HELL YES. Also my landlord REDUCED my rent. (crazy, right?) so that’s an extra 40$

I also finished filming my class and am now in the middle of exporting it to flash, which takes like 6 hours per ten minutes.  Phew. So, that’s what’s going on with me.


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  1. Lynda in the mtns of NC said

    Beautiful new quilt! And good for you for stopping smoking! I hope the new Prodigy is incentive enough to help you keep that resolution. When does it arrive? I’m really thrilled for you that you’re getting it. Can’t wait to see what you do with it…

  2. Judy Wolf said

    Beautiful Adam!

    Hang in there on the smoking. I’m doing the same.

    Judy in MO

  3. I am so glad you stopped smoking! My husband stopped 3 yrs ago. I never thought he would but he says it is totally mind over matter! You need to “glorify non smoking!” He says, when you are tempted ….you just tell yourself, “NO…I am a non smoker now! I don’t do that anymore” Don’t give yourself an “out”. If he can do it….well, you know the rest…best of luck to you friend. As far as the quilt…another bright quilt with lots of quilting space….just what the doctor ordered! See you in chat I hope!

  4. Tina Chamberlain said

    Good for you on the smoking. I wish my mom would stop. I think she would save a ton of money over a year. She’s the only parent between mine and my husband’s (including step-parents) who never managed to quit smoking. I can’t imagine how hard it must be. I suppose it would be like me never having chocolate again…I guess we all have our addictions. Mine is food… sigh.

    Beautiful quilt, again!

  5. yola said

    WOW, this is beautiful!
    Hang in there with being a non-smoker, my mom only stopped after being diagnosed with emphysema (not good to live struggling for breath!!)
    How did you decide on the PRODIGY?
    Please give me some advice- there are so many LAQ-machines out there?
    I am SO confused? and in South Africa we only have a Tin Lizzie dealership…can I go for this machine?

  6. Sue said

    First, good luck with the nonsmoking. I’ve been off since last Aug myself and it’s finally easy to talk about. So far, so good.

    I wanted to let you know that I saw your quilts in the Real Men quilt exhibit at MQX. Amazing work. Thanks for sharing it!

  7. Becca said

    beautiful job as always on the quilt. AWESOME job on quitting smoking. Snoopy dancing in Alaska for you on your rent and saving money for the prodigy! Very exciting news.

  8. Vickie said

    Wow-love the colors-especially the green! Good luck on the quitting smoking-wish my son could stop!

  9. Lori said

    Hey Adam,I admire your quilting talent. I Love Sharon Shamber also. Hope to be at her class in Ohio this October for classes at QWMachines. I stopped smoking Jan 1, 2008, after being diagnosed with emphysema. I used the patch, it really worked to alliaviate the craveing, please continue for your health and so you can create your beautiful sewing skills……..

  10. I love your quilts…. and have so enjoyed your you tube videos. I should ever have your skill. Lovely work.

  11. Mary said

    Gorgeous! I love the design. I bet you’re excited about the new machine….given your results on your current one I’m sure you’ll be doing even more amazing quilting with better tools.

  12. Devonne said

    Adam, congratulations on quitting smoking! I wish my DIL would quit. We recently went on vacation to a casino in Biloxi. Neither of us smoke, but everything in our suitcase had to be washed, even the clothes we didn’t wear. Way to go!

    Love to follow what you are doing. I’m trying to find the red and black quilt that was on You Tube. I think it was you who did it?

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