Oh, actual customer service I <3 you.

April 4, 2009

I spoke with two very nice people today over the phone today and let me tell you what a refreshing change it was. Ah. It was positively lovely. My arm hurts a little from holding the phone for such a long time, but my face hurts more from smiling.

I think I may actually have a very nice day.  Ahhhh.

In related news, lets me tell you the wonders of 100wt silk thread from YLI. I can’t post a full picture because it’s for my class, but I quilted half of my wholecloth with one bobbin and said bobbin wasn’t even completely full. You know how dense my quilting is (and this is just motifs) and that bobbin just kept on going and going.

In addition to that, my Voyager knows it’s going to live far far away and it obviously is trying it’s best to impress me because my tension is positively impeccable. We had some fun times, Crackhead (that’s what I call him) but it’s time we parted ways.

So long sweet Crackhead, may you find peace with a quilter who doesn’t hit you with a hammer or call you derogatory names. It’s been fun. (No, it hasn’t it’s been awful)


RIP Crackhead AssFace Chenevert 4/08-4/09


4 Responses to “Oh, actual customer service I <3 you.”

  1. Deb Levy said

    I’m so happy for you. With your talent and a good machine…the sky’s the limit. I look forward to even more beautiful creations from you.

  2. Gayle said

    How fun to hear you happy! Where will Crackhead go to live? Did you find a rehab or home for him?

    I’m glad the class sample is going so well.

    Gayle (who is trying to imagine what all you will do with a new machine)

  3. sammi said

    Delicious tease as usual. Bye, Crackhead *waving*. Gayle is trying to imagine what you will do with a new machine and I am terrified ( ! ) of what you will do. Well, not really, but lordy, lordy, look out world!!

    sammi who knows you will be even more prolific WooHoo!!

  4. Jodi Robinson said

    Congratulations on your new machine!!! Can’t wait to see what you do with a machine you LIKE!!!

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