Wholecloth Design and Execution

April 1, 2009

I also wanted to mention that I’m teaching a class at MQR on Wholecloth design and quilting. I think it’s good information for anyone who wants to design their own quilting motifs, since my world is a stencil free zone.  It goes through basic feather design, beginner, intermediate, and advanced wholecloth designs, trapunto and quilting. It’s jammed packed full of good information

You can read about it and view a short trailer on MQR and if you’re saying “Ehhh, I dunno…” Then here are some things to consider.

1. I need a root canal, and this will help me alleviate the skull throbbing pain I’ve been in for 3 weeks.

1a. The trickle down theory is that if I’m not longer in said pain I will be an all around nicer person. I won’t pick on you for using pantographs and the art quilt will become a bonafide art form.

2. This class is the only reason I’ve convinced myself I can in fact afford a machine.

3. Once I get a new machine I will no longer have my voyager and you’ll be invited to a fancy bonfire party at my house. I will supply sticks, but you must bring your own marshmallows BYOM

3a. I will no longer be blasting to Voyager every chance I get nor sacraficing virgins to appease it.

4. class1

Need I say more?

5. I might actually be able to go to a doctor about my wrist

6. The class is actually REALLY funny. I constantly break my pencil lead, suffer hand cramps, and chastise my dog for barking at cricket farts.

7. You’ll learn exactly how I design and quilt thus turning you into me.

8. You want me to be a happy person and want me to realize my dreams of becoming the best person I can be.

There you have it. 8 reasons to cancel your plans on Monday night so you can sign up for my class.


9. Once I lose complete interest in quilting and decide to become an actor you can tell your friends you were in my first quilting class.


2 Responses to “Wholecloth Design and Execution”

  1. Eileen C said

    That’s enough reasons for me – I’m in!!! That, plus the fact that you do FABULOUS work!


  2. Sharon said

    Adam — I don’t mean to sound stupid but what is MQR and how do I find the class. Sharon in getting more snow – Colorado — thanks, BTW

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