The world is so confusing to me.

March 8, 2009

Seriously it is. I’m telling you I’ve almost told like eight people today that they’re full of BS.  I kid you not. One of these days you’re going to log into the forums and see that I’ve gone on a rampage and called people out on their BS. Then I’ll disappear and you’ll never hear from me again. I’ll only periodically reemerge to skulk through the catwalks with a cape hiding most of my face.

Needless to say my dark places are currently enraged, so let me clam myself by showing off my newest pet project.




Be sure to enlarge to see all my skipped stitched which had been captured on film until I used enough naughty words that even I couldn’t edit them out so they were deleted.*

*This is actually why I took note of the abundant BS. I’m sure it’s not BS at all, but I was in such a horrendous mood that I saw negativity in everything.


9 Responses to “The world is so confusing to me.”

  1. Teri said

    Okay so there are a few skipped stitches but the design is good.


  2. So, why the skipping…? That is a lot of skipping. You know I have recently been through it and back with skipping. Am I seeing correctly, that it is truly skipping, and not just the regulator hanging up and giving a long stitch? I know you are not in love with your machine, but even with mine, which I do love, if I am in “regular” regulated mode, and not cruise, that happens to me when I am trying to do a linear type design, where you change directions sharply, but it’s a big long stitch, and not so much a skip. I have skips, when I’m dealing with batiks, Moda marbles, poplin…and I have been having to go up a needle size, which irks me, but it appears to work. I’m not sure why I’m writing all this, other than to say it may not just be your machine, but a fabric, thread, needle combo thing. There must be a solution….Like Terri said, on the bright side, your execution of those designs is top notch.

  3. JOY said

    you can see where the needle made a hole, so yes, those are frustratingly and clearly skipped stitches. Bummer.

  4. Silkquilter/Carolyn said

    Adam: I did not enlarge the pics to see the skipped stiches. However, I did want to comment on the bottom pic. My first reaction was… “Oh! It looks like a printed computer circuit board.” I like it.

    Silkquilter/Carolyn Thomas

  5. I am in AWE of your quilting. I could look at your photos for hours, and want to touch, touch, touch your quilts.

  6. rondabeyer said


    Check to see if you have a burr in your bobbin/hook assembly and buff only don’t file, also check to make sure the needle is snug into the needle bar, you can also turn the needle just a hair to the right, we all have this issue and yes it is a real pisser…… I found that mine was because of a burr in my A-1….. It could be something wrong with your stitch regulator, I had some chip go out in my Gammill Optimum when I had it and once it was replaced it worked fantastic (boy I miss that machine)….. Frustrating just the same…… I have also found that when I use Bottom Line in the bobbin that the skipping happens, that is when I throw all of it out…. Hang in there….. Happens with every mchine, just like the tension bandits….

  7. Karmen said

    You are a wonderfully talented young man. I just discovered your blog, and look forward to reading it more.

  8. Chris said

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  9. yola said

    Hi Adam,
    I am so glad I found your blog!
    You are amazing! I am from South Africa and REALLY want a LAQ-machine (they are SO expensive, especially in Rand- our currency). I have been considering a Voyager and Tin Lizzie, but after reading your blog, think I should stick to the Tin Lizzie (that’s the only dealership we have in SA and will be cheaper than importing machine myself from USA) Any advice would be greatly appreciated? I hope to start quilting soon..

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