March 3, 2009

Here’s a video on drawing feathers. I suggest you go to Vimeo to watch it as it’ll be in high def. You can also go full screen because it’s rather high quality and easier to watch when it’s bigger.

Someone kept asking me about feathers, so here are the very basics of how I do it. I had a longer video, but it was so big I couldn’t upload it anywhere. Enjoy!

And then come back here and tell me if you like this format of watching things being drawn. I think it worked really well with the camera overhea. I have some other ideas I want to do, but I’m not going to bother if everyone can’t see something being drawn and translate that to stitching


12 Responses to “”

  1. Eileen C said

    Adam, great video – thanks, keep them coming!!!


  2. Holly said

    Adam, the format was good, as well as the content. I definitely have to draw first to train my brain before I try to stitch so watching you draw is good.

  3. Judy Wolf said

    Very good video! I hope you figure out a way to show you quilting too though.

    Hope to see more!

    Judy in MO

  4. Brenda K. said

    Nice to see how you get your great feathers, thanks for sharing. I do like the format as well.

  5. Sharon said

    Adam — thanks very much — the video was great. Please do more. I am also interested on marking the quilt tops.

    Sharon in Colorado

  6. Debbie in Chico said

    Hi Adam – Great video. Your video, drawings, and explanations were very good. I’m sure your video will serve to encourage others to jump in and try feathers. Now, can we see your video on fillers? Please, please 🙂

  7. Nancy in Calgary said

    Hi Adam – Really enjoyed your video as well as your blog. The video was very clear and you make it look so easy, “NOT”. Thanks, I take inspiration from you and hope that maybe someday I can let all my inhibitions go and turn out amazing work like yours. Thanks again for taking the time out of your quilting to share – I wanted you to know it really is appreciated.

  8. jodi lewis said

    Well done!!! Can’t wait for the actual quilting video. Keep up the great work, Adam!


  9. I enjoyed your video, Adam. The feathers are beautiful. But what I enjoyed most was the mechanics of it. Where the pearl goes, separate feathers to see the shape, which direction to travel. I think feathers require some skill and lots of practice, but before that, they need to understand the mechanics of the construction. That is what I got from your video. I think it is wonderful. I have a teenage student who wants to learn how to quilt feathers. I’m going to start her with your video. Thanks, Adam.

  10. Denis E. said

    Hey Adam, my bro! Great video- thx for sharing your technique. Would really like to see you plan out an actual lifesize shaped block…something odd shaped. Whaddaya say? Keep your videos coming! Thx again!

  11. Diana K. said

    I enjoyed this video and this format. I enjoy your blog and all of your videos. I love feathers. Your instructions are helpful. I’ve learned a lot from you. I hope you show us more.

  12. Tanja (from Canada) said

    Just found your blog! Thank you for sharing your techniques. Have always been afraid of machine quilting and designing, but after watching your videos, (and realizing one needs to practice, practice, practice!), I actually feel like I do it! Your work is absolutely amazing and inspiring! Looking forward to seeing more!

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