A confession and some scarves for sale.

February 27, 2009

First a confession because I need to get this off my chest.

I have a palpable hatred of art quilts.  There. I said it.

I say this while I am in the process of making an art quilt for reasons I don’t entirely understand. Do I hate them because I hate mine? Absolutely not, mine is sort of nice and it’s an actual quilt, not just a bunch of crap fused together. It has seams in it, I’ve actually constructed something with a sewing machine instead of whipping out a bottle of glue and closing my eyes while hoping for the best.

Here’s what pisses me off about art quilts, let me paraphrase something I read just yesterday.

“Here’s my latest art quilt. It’s fused n’ stuff. I want you to buy it for 500$ I went to school therefore I am an artist. Give me money.”

Not so much. Glorified crafter maybe, but artist? To each his own, totally, do what you want, if you can see some scraps and some glue go for it, but for God sakes, don’t pretend a pig in a prom dress is a princess. (you like that? feel free to use it)

The thing that pisses me off most of all is when I’m viewing pictures from a show and some fused hunk of glue wins an award while a traditional quilt that’s beautifully done and flawlessly executed gathers dust. What’s technical about owning a pair of scissors and a hot iron? Nothing! They require little skill at all and everyone still throws their legs into the air and pollutes their britches with glee.

Do I think all art quilts are crap? No, absolutely not. Do I think 90% of them are. Hell to the yes, ya’ll. Makes me want to punch an art quilt in the face!

I don’t get it at all. That said this is my blog, these are my opinions and if you have a problem there’s a box of knee pads in the corner. (Ten of you just gasped and clutched your pearls while Gayle called Steve over so she could read that aloud. and you wonder why she’s my favorite.)

Also stay tuned for my art quilt which I will be attempting to sell to you all for at least 500$. I want a new machine and if I’m gonna be a whore I’m gonna be honest about it. I want your money, take my art quilt. You don’t even have to call me the next day.


1 and 4 are 8×54” 10.00$

2 and 3 are 11×60” 12.00$

2.00$ shipping on each. Reply here with your email if you want one. Paypal only.30% silk 70% Rayon

Why am I selling scarves? Well, see, I ordered some to dye them because I like dyeing crap and I have no use for brightly colored silk scarves. Not only do I think you’ll look fabulous in one, but you’ll look thinner, and they’ll make your husband more attentive in the bedroom.


30 Responses to “A confession and some scarves for sale.”

  1. Vicki W said

    I don’t disagree with your general assessment. based on what I saw today at the Mid-Atlantic quilt show, workmanship is back in fashion. There were a lot less fused quilts and a LOT more technical detail. It was refreshing!

  2. Vicki W said

    PS, my husband thought the post was hilarious!

  3. Hmmm, you must be bored Adam cause you are stirring up some sh*t with a BIG SPOON!
    The solid color scarves look pretty, the others look like kid stuff. That said, your new applique is very pretty, love the colors and the shape.

    So I guess since you threw the other one in the closet with the rest of the losers, I won’t be getting my video. Bummer!

  4. Suzanne said

    I know you made that red one for me, right? Paypal you said? Your e-mail address that I have already?

  5. Suzanne said

    Oh crap. I clicked submit by accident, I wasn’t done responding. In general, I tend to agree. Which is why I quit the QuiltArt list because I was tired of all of reading about quilts that look liked my embellishment drawers puked on them. That and the fact that those art quilters weren’t very nice to each other sometimes.

    And hey. I want a cool nickname like G-Mc and D-Wil and V-Dub.

  6. Judy Wolf said

    You are such a hoot! And I absolutely agree with your assessment of some “art quilts”.

    Wish I wore scarves but the cows don’t appreciate them. Now if you would sell some of that beautiful fabric you dye, I’d be in line for that.

    Judy in MO

  7. Debra said

    Adam you are so damn funny, i agree with u on the art quilts. I think ur work is absolutely beautiful.

  8. Gayle said

    So if that red one is too orange for your babycakes to want…. G-Mc wants it. And in case you lost the email it is mazonsquilting at certainty dot com

  9. Suzanne said

    babycakes? oh man. i think i’m sorry i asked.

    unfortunately it sounds like it is too orange for me. 😦 i’ll wait for a red one…

  10. Sherri Godfrey said

    I agree with you though some of the art quilts are fantastic. But some do look like garbage upchucked on fabric. 😦

    Good luck with your quest for a new machine!

  11. JOY said

    ha, ha! I agree with your assessment of so many *art quilts* and I DO make art quilts (occasionally). I don’t like them to be overloaded with gee-gaws like a senile old lady (some of them, anyway) and smeared with lipstick. I think many art quilters have forgotten the elements of design…and that less can be more 🙂

  12. Lynda in the mtns of NC said

    Right on!! Thanks for saying it–I was afraid I was just too old and set in my ideas…

  13. Michelle said

    “They require little skill at all and everyone still throws their legs into the air and pollutes their britches with glee”
    OMG thanks for the visual, my Friday is complete.

  14. Hmmm, I don’t have a nickname from Adam either, I guess I don’t rate! LOL

    Your post was pretty funny, I halfway expect to see you do a stand up routine at a quilt show!

    I am a bit surprised that you are a traditionalist though. I like all quilts- well maybe all quilts but muted quilt which bore me to tears. Really, I like art quilts, traditional quilts, and yes, even well executed fused quilts with good stitching and quilting.

    By the way, I have a pile of selvages to sell for $300.00 on sale. LOL! It’s art, baby!

  15. yetunde said

    i am a art quilter, and i am not mad at you. as a matter of fact, i don’t fuse.

  16. ROTFLMAO! Adam, you totally crack me up. I love it that you aren’t afraid to speak your mind. It’s America…you’re entitled, baby!

  17. Brenda K. said

    Whoopee! Someone finally voiced my same thoughts regarding “art quilts”..alas, I am a traditionalist at heart, although I have occasionally been known to sneak a bead or crystal on a quilt here and there. I do think that my “Dear Jane” looks more like the hussy she really wanted to be with a little more bling thrown on her blocks baby! Thanks for the giggles Adam…stand up comic at a quilt show, now that’s a thought! Move over Ricky T.

  18. Deb Levy said

    I just sold an “art” quilt today…. not a fusible on it. Does that still make me a whore? hehehe!
    Deb..aka pretend mom

  19. Debbie (in Chico) said

    Ha ha. You gave me a good laugh there at the end. Thanks,

  20. Tina Chamberlain said

    Adam, you rock for putting it out there! Looking forward to your art quilt. 🙂

    Thanks for the laugh!

  21. Laura Lea B said

    Adam, I so love reading your blog! You tell it like it is and I love that! 🙂 Don’t ever change! Laura Lea

  22. jodi lewis said

    adam, your words always bring a smile to my face. i agree with you about the artsie quilts…..they are just wrong in so many ways. guess that is why the old ways are the best ways as i was taught to quilt by my late grandmother 40 some years ago. long before the plexi rulers and nifty rotery cutters, i did my first quilts on a traditional treadle machine. it has been long retired to the antique room of my house but the memories are still they. i will admit to using many of the modern tools but my quilt style leans to the traditional look…not that some of those artsie quilts aren’t pretty to look at but i just can’t see anyone curling up under one on a cold winters night by a roaring fireplace!!


  23. Kathy said

    I’ve thought for several years now that most art quilts are just a bunch of ratty crap fused together. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one that thinks that.

  24. Jean S. said

    Wow Adam, how do you really feel? I’m one of those educated “artists” who has chosen to make fabric my medium of choice. I’ll grant you that art is subjective. Some people like realism, some abstract. Is one any less art than the other? It depends on who you are and what you like. As in any anything, there are varying degrees of talent and skill, but to those making the art, it’s the best they can do and they’re having fun or they wouldn’t do it. As far as fusing – sometimes it’s a matter of using the most practical materials for the purposes at hand. Fusing isn’t a great idea for bed quilts, but for a piece of art that will hang on a wall, it’s a good choice. I doubt there will ever be much agreement between traditionalists and those who try new things and explore new territory. As far as money is concerned, what makes any work of art worth hundreds or thousands of dollars – demand for it. If the artist has something to offer that others want, he or she will sell. If they don’t, they won’t. Hanging a price tag on something doesn’t mean you’re going to get it. Not everyone can be Leonardo DaVinci, Picasso, or Sharon Schamber, but should they be barred from trying?

  25. I agree. Ninty five percent of art quilts are blaaa, and yucky. Your blog, so you get your own opinion. Funny that people still try to talk you out of your own opinion.

  26. Adam,
    I love your videos on You Tube. You do a great job. Do you teach anywhere else? I just got a HQ16 and am new to longarm quilting. Thanks for your comedic interpretations and teachings. About art quilts … I agree. I think they should be called, “fabric art,” as I don’t see how they can be defined as quilts! By the way, can I send you a quilt to quilt for me? Kathy in MO

  27. Chris said

    OMG, what a riot! And I thought I just “wasn’t getting it” all this time. I also believe “art” quilts should not be displayed and judged in the same shows as non-art quilts, whatever they may be.
    Keep spewing, I’m signing up and want to hear more of what you REALLY think.
    Thanks for the morning chuckle.

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