February 24, 2009


I’m working on a new project because I totally lost interest in my circle quilt for the time being. It was just such a pain and I wasn’t sure about the applique fabrics, but i went with them anyway (big mistake)

So I’ve started a new quilt, pictured above. I’m actually using Sharon Schamber’s Fresno Spring Bloom pattern for raw edge applique. However I don’t think raw edge applique has any place in quilts so I’ve converted the pattern to turned edge applique. Converting it to turned edge hasn’t been easy, but it’s so worth it. This is a beautiful pattern.  The original made a 22 inch block, but mine is 30 inches to be the center medallion of a quilt. I really like it so far.


7 Responses to “”

  1. Vicki W said

    Is this the one you need the green fabric for? I love the purples!

  2. Wendy said

    Adam, how do you do your applique, by hand or machine, i love this pattern.

  3. That is a beautiful pattern. Yours is looking good!

  4. Lynda in the mtns of NC said

    Beautiful shapes, Adam, and I just love the rich purples and green.

  5. Nancy in Calgary said

    Wow – I see another masterpiece in the making! Love those colors and the design is wonderful.

  6. Adam,
    Is her method hand or machine?

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