My new quilt and a blog contest.

January 22, 2009

I recently hit 100 posts, and I started my new quilt yesterday so I figured it’s time for an unconventional blog contest.

See, I’d totally send out a real prize, but…well, every time I see a contest people get like 400 comments and if you’re only reply to an blog to win something you don’t deserve a fabulous present. You need to love me all the time, not just when I’m offering something shiny.

In addition to that I don’t leave my house so I don’t ship stuff (yeah, I know I can do it from home, but it’s still too much work on my part)

Anyway, I’m going to show you two small pictures of my new quilt, it’s very bare at the moment and if you guess the predominant color then I will take suggestions on a video you’d like to see. (quilt related, don’t get any crazy ideas…I’m looking at you Corndog Cullen with your majestic eyes the color of…never mind)

So, to reiterate, you make a guess as to what the main color of this quilt will end up being and I’ll make you a video. If more than one person guesses correctly I’ll do some sort of drawing. Bonus points if you can make a very accurate guess like instead of yelling “Blue, now gimme, gimme, gimme!” You might say “Blue, sort of a slatey blue a little gray.”

Got it? Good, Guess away.




Now, this is my new quilt. I designed it all in Illustrator, every last bit of it. The pictures are so small because I want to keep the whole thing sort of a secret until it’s done. I just like little peeks now and then.


28 Responses to “My new quilt and a blog contest.”

  1. Sue H said

    Oooh, I love guessing games. And it’s been fun watching your progress on your beautiful quilt. My guess is a mossy green. Thanks for all the inspiration.

  2. Anne said

    I’ve been lurking reading your blog for a while but am fascinated that you’ve designed using Illustrator. We have that software on my daughters laptop but I don’t think she’ll let me near it! I love the combination of chocolate and turquoise so I’ll guess that and see how it progresses.
    Cheers from Australia

  3. myolivebranch said

    PINK PINK! let it be pink so you can give it to me!!! the most beautimous shade of PINK. saturated PINK. with hints of “different shades” of pink showing the great DEPTH of the PINK. and then just a smattering of more PINK to highlight the PINK. ok. how was that? i want it to be PINK.

  4. My guess would be a gold, the darkest yellow gold or maybe a rust color. With the chocolate browns you have there, I am thinking a fall like palette. Don’t mind cool Kay, her brain is a little fried spending every day with two babies.

  5. Vicki W said

    I think a autumnal green – on the bright and light side.

  6. JOY said

    I’m thinking teal would be it – kind of upscale

  7. Michelle said

    Orange, and every color that rhymes with orange. Let it be a bit burnt, a bit earthy, slightly crushed. Show moments of pumpkin and tangerine, sunset and icecream sorbet. Yup.

  8. Peach… pale orangish peach. And I’d love to see a video if you actually quilting on your machine! (Whether I win the contest or not!!!)


  9. Kathy W. said

    Hi Adam,

    It amazes me how you design, dye fabric, piece and quilt in less time than I can finish the piecing of a patterned quilt. Oh well, such is life. I’m not very good with colors (why do I quilt you might ask) but I’m leaning toward a nice dark rusty red/orange with a little twinge of bluish/purple and maybe just a hint of yellow/orange/gold. That should cover it, don’t you think. And, by the way, I love you all the time!

  10. Sharon said

    I think a light splotchy avacado would look good with what you already have up there.

  11. Purple of course…. shades of it -hues maybe lavenders?
    Although orange would be complimentary, but somehow i don’t think so!
    Im sure it will be a pleasant surprise!

  12. Michelle said

    Oh let me try again, a topaz blue. Make it icy and cold, with a deeper azure, and splashes of frozen grape slush. And for interest give it a hint of over ripe lime green streaking through. Yup.

  13. Deb Levy said

    red-orange…bright. That would sure heat up that rich chocolate!

  14. Michelle said

    Oh my lands, last try. Of course it’s cherries.
    Red hanging off the tree, blistering red, fever inducing red, hand-clapping toe-tapping HOT. Valentine red hot hearts, sizzle and spark hot, fresh from the oven cherry berry pie. Yup.

  15. shirley bruner said

    well, i am thinking yellow will go good with that brown. some lemon yellow, some sunshiny bright yellow and perhaps a tad of mustard yellow. i love you all the time…potty mouth and all. LOL love your blog. and boy, you sure can quilt. keep up the good work.

  16. Tina Chamberlain said

    Gosh, there are so many colors to choose from. I’m trying to think of what you’ve done so far because I’m not sure you would want to repeat your work…so I’m going to say an orangy-rust color.

    I’m looking forward to seeing this finished beauty!

  17. Sue said

    Just ot be different, I guess silver

  18. yetunde said

    i have been loving your work for several months, even when you get mad at your quilting machine and sometime at some of your blog reader. i love your work so keep on doing what you doing.



  19. yetunde said

    i don’t care what color it is, because i know it is going to be great. i just want to see the finish result.



  20. Suzanne said

    My initial thoughts were turquoise or pink, but both of those seem too obvious.

    What I’m really hoping for, no matter the color, is sparkly.

  21. Karen Anderson said

    I’d guess plum (with undertones of red) because well….I like it!

  22. Janice said

    Can’t wait to see what you create here Adam. I’m going to guess it’s going to be a burgandy red, maybe a little on the magenta side.

  23. myolivebranch said

    you’re killing me! it’s been a week! what’s the other color already?

  24. Ami said

    Well I am not sure what color you chose but if it were mine the main color would be turquoise for sure. I really love the design on this new one! In fact I think of all your quilts I like this design the best and it would look wonderful in turquoise. Of course I live in New Mexico and those colors are just a natural together in our art here.

    One of these days I will do a blog giveaway too just for fun to see who bites 🙂

  25. Laila said

    Been lurking around here for a while, and I’ve had a link to your blog on mine for a while too :o)
    I am amazed by your beautiful work! I like the fremotion quilting a lot too, but I don’t have a long arm quilting maschine to do the “big stuff”…
    I bet you’ll use fabric in ochre (golden yellow)for this project. Look forward to see:o)
    Look forward to see it quilted too:o)
    Have a nice week end,
    Laila, Norway

  26. Has anyone guessed a nice, rich teal?

    I really love the way your quilt turned out, and I hope to see it in the near future! I enjoyed watching all of the elements come together as you created it. I’m looking forward to doing the same with this quilt!

  27. Kalli said

    Ok Adam I’m going to say a wonderful burgundy wine color to show off your wonderful quilting.

  28. lansdownstudio said

    I’m guessing aubergine..second choice chartreuse…I’m sure whatever you pick will be gorgeous as usual…


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