January 18, 2009

This is a video I made a few weeks ago.  It was supposed to be for MQR but I couldn’t convert it to flash, so I’m just gonna post it here.

It’s on Vimeo because I can’t handle the compression on youtube anymore.


3 Responses to “”

  1. Lynda in the mtns of NC said

    Great video, Adam. Thanks for the chance to see a selection of your designs up close. Hope to see one of your quilts “in person” some day, but can’t imagine when that will be, so I enjoy the closeups of your work.

  2. QuiltsbyNini said

    Fantastic… both the quilting and the inspiration! hanks and keep ’em coming!

  3. Geniene said

    Thanks for posting your video. I am always amazed at your creativity. Love all the quilting designs in each square being different in some way. You have inspired me.
    I have a V-17 and a king size quilt on the frame and needed some ideas for freemotioning the border. I have registered it in our local quilt show and have so much to finish in the next two weeks.I have some ideas to try now!
    I always learn something new whenever I visit your site.
    I could see the quilting lines very well even on the busy fabrics.
    I wouldn’t even know where to begin on the color charts for your new quilt but I look forward to the peeks you’ll provide of it. Many thanks Adam.

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