And it’s done!

January 10, 2009

Well, mostly done,  but it’s done enough for me to feel good about submitting it to MQX.

I still have to finish hand stiching down the binding, applying crystals to the back, and block it, but that’s not that much to do with a lot of time to do it. Yay.





Not bad if I do say so myself. My tension isn’t as great as it could be which isn’t my fault per se. The bottom border was REALLY full so it has some issues which should come out in blocking. All in all I’d call this a success.


33 Responses to “And it’s done!”

  1. Deb Levy said

    As I said before Adam, this is just fabulous! Terrific work and I’m glad you’re going to compete with it.

    Looking forward to seeing what you do next.

  2. KyTriplets said

    That turned out GREAT! I love the depth of the colors. Adam, if it isn’t too much to ask… walk us through the steps you will take to block it. I haven’t officially done that yet and I’d love to have a window into how you tackle the job.

  3. Judy Wolf said

    It’s just beautiful Adam. Your fill work is beyond exceptional.

    By the way, go to and put you name in to win the quilting machine. It couldn’t hurt.

    Judy in MO

  4. Vicki W said

    It’s stunning Adam! I’m so glad you are entering it. I’m jsut depressed that I won’t be at MQX this year to see it in person. Will it be at MQS too?

  5. Kathy W. said

    Absolutely stunning, Adam. You should be very proud of yourself and your work. I’m looking forward to your next adventure.

  6. Ve said

    That’s amazing! Truly beautiful! I loved the colors.

  7. This is a stunner Adam! You really outdid yourself. I hope it wins ribbons at the shows!

  8. Jessica (taynney on lj) said

    Beautiful. I can honestly say that I am so very envious of your talent. Your quilts are so beautiful, Adam. Please keep quilting and sharing your quilts with us =)

  9. Sosoru said

    Stunning quilt Adam! The colours, the textures, the patterns. It must give you great satisfaction to create something so beautiful.

  10. Tina Chamberlain said

    I’m so glad to see pics of the entire quilt. It really is stunning and I’m sure it’s even more spectacular in person. You definitely have a lot of talent!

  11. Sheri said

    that is beautiful work, just stunning.

  12. Debby said

    I want it !11- I think its the most gorgeous one to date. I loved how you showed the progression of it, I feel like such a proud mama 😀 – EXCELLENT job

  13. Ren said

    OMG you have the most talented hands of any man I’ve ever seen and their not even touching me but I feel all inappropriate any way. God I love this can’t wait to see it after the finishing touches can’t see how you can possibly go above this perfection but if anyone can it’s you.

  14. ymmy (patty) said

    that is beautiful
    you are amazing in your gifts

    do you create quilts for special orders or only for shows?

  15. ceri said

    I ‘m not a quilter but I have never seen anything like this – it’s quite amazing!
    Hope it wins all sorts of prizes.

  16. KK said

    Fantastic, Adam! Your creativity and your technical skills never cease to amaze and delight!

  17. delaney55 said

    Really spectacular quilt. Good luck in the competition.

  18. lupercalia959 said

    WOW! The amount of sheer detail on this is AMAZING! I was looking at the close-ups and I couldn’t believe there was even more beautiful designs within the larger designe. Its incredible! I truly hope you win! Great job!

  19. Lynda in the mtns of NC said

    You can be justly proud, Adam. I, too, am glad to see the whole quilt, and these pix show off the texture wonderfully–those are some puffy trapuntos! It’s wonderful. Congratulations!

  20. Sue said

    Hope to see it in person at MQX. Very nice!

  21. shelly said

    Wow! It is so beautiful! I can see the Ribbons now!! Cant wait to see what you will do next!

  22. athenaps said

    Whoa! This is like the Willy Wonka of quilts! Awesome! It’s lovely how it all comes together.

    Very nice work as usual, Adam!

  23. Ami said

    It is just beautiful. Best of luck at MQX! I hope it comes home with ribbons!!!!1

  24. Brenda K. said

    What a stunner! Best of luck and am looking forward to the next project.

  25. This is truly stunning! You’re going to kick butt at MQX!


  26. Guzzisue said

    way better than I could have done, brill!

  27. Julia said

    WOW!!!! This is incredible! Good Luck to you!

  28. paulahewitt said

    wow! this is stunning. well done and good luck at the show

  29. Gretchen said

    I’ll look for it and it’s ribbons at MQX. Will you be there with it?

  30. Karol-Ann said

    Came via Vicki W and just wanted to say WOW! It’s awesome, I hope you do well!!

  31. Alycia said

    WOW! That is impressive. Thanks for all the detailed photos of your quilting. You did an amazing job!!

  32. Kathy said

    This is beautiful! You are so talented, I can’t wait to see what you do next. Best wishes and I look forward to see it in person!

  33. Chris said

    This is so beautiful, it takes my breath away. You should be so proud of yourself. I’m in awe.

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