December 15, 2008

My favorite part of quitling is the background stuff. I’d like it a lot more if my thread didn’t constantly snap for no apparent reason, but what am I gonna do about that? Nothing, that’s what because I have no idea what’s causing it and everyone yells at me when I ask a question so here’s some pretty pictures to look at.




9 Responses to “”

  1. sammi said

    Oh Adam … it just gets more beautiful everytime you touch it.

  2. Gorgeous background quilting, Adam!
    Try a new needle and see if that helps your thread breakage.

  3. Judy Wolf said

    This is going to be absolutely beautiful. I love watching you create. You are such a talented young man!

    Love your background quilting.

    No suggestions that I’m sure you haven’t already thought of on the thread breakage. I was having the same problem yesterday and loosened my upper tension and it took care of the problem. I also slowed down a bit so don’t know which solved the problem.

    Judy in MO

  4. It looks great so far. That is my absolute favorite color of green. This is going to be a beauty!

  5. Lynda in the mtns of NC said

    Love that background fill! Your quilting is just beautiful. I’m always amazed at what you accomplish. Sorry you’re having trouble with breaking thread–I also admire your persistence!

  6. Shelly said

    Adam it looks great I just love your work!
    I also have your setup last night my thread was breaking too! so did some searching and this is what I did someone said to turn the needle eye just a little to the right insted of staight & dont put it threw the bottom sliver thing before needle. After that I was ok (I was using Sofine on top and prewound bobbins on bottom and size 16 needle) Keep up the beautiful work!!

  7. Becca said

    wow. I could say all the things I am thinking but that might make you think I am worshipping you……Ok I am worshipping your skills. Wanna share? I wish I could help with the thread breakage. i am complete idiot when things happen here. I just stop pray and then do a little prayer dance and move on.

  8. Terri said

    So sorry about your thread breakage. I know how frustrating that is…btw those little round things in your beautiful background look suspiciously pebble-like…I am sure I must be mistaken…It is fabulous, btw!

  9. Patty said

    I had the thread breaking happening this weekend too. I was using Connecting Threads Essential thread. I finally changed my needle to a #16 topstitching needled and no more breaking. I guess the #12 was too small and I didn’t have any #14. Your quilting is wonderful!

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