Applique Bootcamp.

November 26, 2008

This is a conversation I had with my mom this morning. Yesterday I asked her to pick me up a stapler, a pack of 30 glue sticks from office depot and to keep her eye out for a travel iron.

Today she came over with a bag of goodies and presented them to me. Then she noticed this on my table:


Note the box of glue sticks, which is what I had on hand before I asked her to pick me up a new box of 30.

Mom: You have like 10 glue sticks!

Me: I totally go through like 10 a day though.

Mom: Why! Also you have a stapler already, why did you make me buy another one?

Me: I use a lot of glue and my stapler was short. I need a longer one for my long curly pieces.

Mom: Sounds like a personal problem to me.

Anyway…look at my adorable iron! I have seven irons right now. My 80$ rowenta got knocked on the floor too many times and it leaks. I have 5 others which all work, but don’t steam as well as my rowenta. I needed the little iron, because my arms are killing me.  My new little one is pretty hand, but dangerous because it gets really hot and doesn’t turn itself off.

So here’s quilt progress. You can see my long curly pieces in this pic. They’re a bitch to turn. They’re long and skinny with inside curves and points, but they totally make the quilt. I have 5 more to make in purple and then 8 in turqoise between the green and purple border.


(yeah one of them is backwards)

Since this is my sort of hindi inspired quilt I had to include an applique lotus


You can’t see it so great, but it’s awesome sauce.


Side view.

I’m thinking I might use the purple long curly pieces as spines for feathers when I quilt. It’s gon be hot ya’ll


5 Responses to “Applique Bootcamp.”

  1. Vicki W said

    It sure is! I love the color palette.

  2. Lynda in the mtns of NC said

    Looks like it’s going to be “over the top,” Adam. I love it. I haven’t tried the “piecelique” (sp?) thing, yet, but I’m impressed with what you’re accomplishing with it. Enjoying watching this develop.

  3. Deb Levy said

    Looks terrific Adam! gorgeous color palette, and the applique is looking great. Those long curly thingys will make great feather spines.

  4. Anjea Ray said

    Your mom sounds like my mom.

    It’s coming along very well! You do wonderful work.

  5. Brenda K. said

    Hey Adam, this one is so cool! Love, love the colors. Always wanted to try this technique. Can’t wait to see your quilting.

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