Because someone told me I couldn’t.

November 25, 2008

My main motivation for doing pretty much anything is almost always someone telling me I couldn’t do it. Seriously, I want nothing for myself, but as soon as someone pisses me off you can guarantee that whatever they said couldn’t be done I’m going to do.

I owe the inspiration for this quilt to two people, both of whom implied I couldn’t, so I did. It’s going to be absolutely spectacular. I have so much applique designed for this, and I can’t wait to get it done. I’ll actually be piecing the quilt together this week and then I can start adding all the applique elements.

Since I’m designing in Illustrator now I though I’d show how the patterns come out. It’s so much neater than drawing the motifs by hand.


This is my printed layout pattern and you can see all the turned pieces behind it. These were originall going to be feathers, but I figured if I was going to do so much applique I might as well go for it so those rounded edges became points.


thats my fabric turned around the floriani stablilizer and glues together upside down to make a handy individual unit.


Tadah! If it looks like a really big piece, that’s because it is. All the applique on this quilt is pretty substancial. The best thing about making the applique in units is that I can audition them. I designed this piece for a specifc place, but I put it in a few different areas and eventually decided on repeating it on a smaller scale elsewhere


That’s it so far. It’s going to look so much better once I add in all the long sweeping pieces like in the top right corner. Mmhmm.


6 Responses to “Because someone told me I couldn’t.”

  1. Can’t wait to see it, Adam! Just follow your own instinct and heart, and you will go far. I love the colors you have chosen, too!

  2. Awesome quilt. You and I have a similar look on life. If someone says it can’t be done, I’ll do it. Don’t ever tell me no! Way to go!!!!!

  3. Barbara said

    Fantastic, I just love it. But I am curious….. how do you applique it on? Do you do it by hand or machine? What type of thread do you prefer. If by machine, what type of stitch do you use. You are making it look easy to me, I just might have to try something like this (but a more simple pattern).

  4. Kim S said

    Looks fabulous Adam!!!

  5. Holly said

    Looking good. Your fabrics are yummy!

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