October 31, 2008


14 Responses to “”

  1. Vicki W said

    Cool! Shouldn’t you be making a vest though?

  2. Judy Wolf said

    What a good idea!! Great information, thanks!

    Judy in MO

  3. Thanks for the tutorial, Adam! I never thought about using carpet tape. Great idea! I use my little glass-tip kitchen table and that works perfectly. Same theory, different form. Love your quilting designs. My feathers suck.

  4. Barbara said

    I have stayed away from using black as I could not figure out a way of marking it. Thanks for teaching an old dog a new trick.

  5. Lynda in the mtns of NC said

    Very helpful video. Love the carpet tape idea, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen clear carpet tape. Can you supply a brand name?

  6. Sharon said

    Great idea!! Do you put your plexiglass over the rollers on your machine? I put my lap on the floor under my feet and tilt my plexiglass on the edge of my desk. Yours would work a lot better.

  7. Sharon said

    Adam — I would also be interested in seeing a tutorial of your quilting designs. I am sure a lot of erasing happens, but would like to know how you do that also.

    Thanks, Sharon

  8. Ami said

    Adam your tutorial could not have come at a better time for me as I have a new project I will be working on and need to do lots of marking on black fabric…………..thanks so much for taking the time to share your wonderful techniques with us. I will be off to buy some carpet tape………….already have the other stuff.

  9. Deb Levy said

    Good ideas..will be very helpful for anyone who does not have a system that works well. Thanks for sharing all your work…wonderful eye candy.

  10. Kim S said

    Great tip about the carpet tape… would of never thought of that.

    Your quilting design is beautiful!!! I’m in the middle of designing one with a vase, roses and feathers…maybe I’ll send it to you to finish 😉

  11. Karen Anderson said

    Great video. Now I know where to go for the plexi-glass. Kathy Bowers now makes an arm to do pantos from the front and I purchased it. It needs plexi-glass so this will kill two birds with one stone (well – 2 pieces of plexi but you get the point!).

    Karen A.

  12. Debbie said

    Thanks Adam for the video. If you ever get the chance, I’d love to see a quick video tutorial on how you do your paisley / pebble design featured at the top.

  13. Leah said

    Adam, what kind of table do you have ? did it not already have a top or does it have some kind of glass top? or did you construct the table from something?

  14. Jo Ann said

    i love your stuff, and you just blow my mind. My hero.

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