And because I finally have time…

October 20, 2008

From Caron

Here are the rules for being tagged:
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2. Put the rules on the blog.
3. Write 6 random things about yourself.
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6 Random things about me:
1) I’m legally blind. I lost vision in my left eye when I was 19 months old after an accident with a shard of glass. I’ve had countless surgeries on it, over the past 26 years and it’s still there but it doesn’t work.

2) My best friend just had a baby and I think she’s selfish (the baby) for monopolozing time that could be spent talking to me about petty nonsensical things.

3) When I got my quilt back from Innovations I had comments from two teachers. One of them was Karen McTavish who gave me all excellents, but I let a bunch of satisfactories from someone I’ve never heard of that has no picture of her own work on her website influence how I felt about my quilts. That is how I roll.

4) I relish in other people getting bad news. I feed off of it. I don’t necessarly think that makes me a bad person, I’m just more honest than most.

5) Despite accomplishing more in the first twenty-six years of my life than most people do in their entire lives I don’t think either of my parents have ever said they’re proud of me. 90% of what I do in my life is just an attempt to get them to say it.

6) When I was about eight I was going through my dad’s stuff and found a letter my mom wrote him the day before I was born. It was about how everything was going to be okay and she was sure I was the son he wanted. I was born and my dad promptly had a vacestomy because he finally had a son to play ball with.  I’ve never played sports in my life and most likely never will and everytime I talk to him I wonder about how much of a disappointment I must be.


5 Responses to “And because I finally have time…”

  1. Judy Wolf said

    I have spent my entire life (57 years) trying to get approval from my parents and family. I have finally realized their approval means nothing. If you are happy with your accomplishments it is their loss not yours. Your quilting accomplishments are stupendous and will only continue to improve. Concentrate on your quilting, you are going to be one of the greats!

    Judy in MO

  2. Anita in KY said

    Congratulations on your win at Innovations!

    I’m a parent that works very hard to get approval from my kids. I can’t seem to achieve it though. Can I adopt you?

  3. Lynda in the mtns of NC said

    Listen to Judy–she’s right. And enter more shows. You’ll find judges’ comments to be all over the map, and most of the time they’re worthless, but every now and then you learn something. But get your work out there–you deserve recognition. (All “excellents” from Linda Taylor??!!! I’d be on cloud 9!)

  4. Lynda in the mtns of NC said

    OK, so it was Karen McTavish, not Linda Taylor–my sr memory. Same thing!! I’d be on cloud 9!!

  5. Ami said

    We had a judge at Fiber Arts Fiesta (big name which I will ommit) who left the same comment for everyone that did not get a ribbon. The comment was quilting stitches inconsistant. Intresting thing was one of the quilts that I did the quilting on was a small group quilt. I quilted it on my Phaff, feed dogs up on the entire surface. Unless I am blind all the stitches were the same size………….I do not think she really looked at the quilting and that was her standard comment………we compared notes as I had at least a dozen friends that got the same comments on their quilts. Just brush that judge off and keep going for that brass ring!

    By the way I love the designs you are planning on your quilt in progress……….that swan is awesome combined with the feathers and leaf motif. Can’t wait to see that finished………..I am sure you will get some ribbons on that wherever you enter it.

    Nothing I ever did met with my dad’s expectatins and my mom gushes over everything I do. Just live your life and be happy with who you are.

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