How’s this for something different?

September 29, 2008

I think my soul died a little while I was making this quilt. It’s the Turning Twenty Again pattern (first time I’ve ever followed a pattern) and it’s sooooo far outside my comfort zone with the fabrics (Emilie’s raspberry patch from

Anywho. It’s for my mom who loves the fabric and the quilt. She’s seen it on my design wall yesterday and today but she doesn’t know it’s for her. I’ve given her three quilts so far all of which had lots of problems. The first had photo transfers which washed off and it was one of my first so it’s…okay, it’s crappy.

The second was a pink and brown ohio rose with buttons, but i f’d it all up during quilting. The third was the nicest top in black and white with a thread painted bird on it, but it got all messed up when i quilted it on my DSM. So this is a new one, which I’ll quilt on my frame and make sure it looks all nice and pretty.

I’m going to do custom quilting on it but I have no idea what. I looked around and I think I saw 2-3 TT without pantographs. It should be fun


5 Responses to “How’s this for something different?”

  1. Vicki W said

    That is very different for you but it’s a cute quilt. I did a TT when I started quilting and did a different filler in each block so taht I could practice fillers. It actually looked OK. You will do much better than that!

  2. Gayle said

    Yeah Adam, what we do for our Mothers huh?
    They say what doesnt kill you, makes you stronger. or….. some experiences just make you more well rounded.

    anyway, I’m with you. not my kind of quilt to make either, but if Mom likes it, it is worth doing. Afterall, you need to keep her around to make videos!


  3. andicrafts said

    Your mom will love it, Adam. As for how to quilt it, I vote for pebbles!! LOL

  4. Diana Wilson said

    What a good son you are! Your mom will be touched. I think you should just do a freehand using your feathers and some flowers and just make it funky and fun. It will look gorgeous when you finish quilting it.

  5. beewitchinstitchin said

    Adam, I just found out that you were blogging again. Yeah for you (I mean us, I mean me) I love watching your works in progress and your quilting is awesome. I’ve seen the finished TT on MQR; it turned out great.

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