Applique and more triangles.

September 18, 2008

I’m having nightmares about half square triangles. They keep attacking me and hissing :(!

Anyway. Here’s how I do applique

First I design the applique (duh) and then mark and number the pieces to determine what needs to be turned and what doesn’t. My pieces are cut from a watersoluble foundation and then glued to the fabric before they’re turned. It’s basically Sharon Schambers technique, but I don’t personally like her foundation, since I’m not going to pay 4$ a yard first of all and because i’d have to cut those sheets down to fit in my printer.

Anywho, i cut out and turn all my pieces and then use my layout sheet to put them together upsidedown and backwards

I think this works really well to do things in units and then glue them to the quilt. This is particularly handy if you’re doing multiples (which I am. You ladies fans of multiples? I THOUGHT SO)

It’s all glued together with the elmer’s CLEAR washable school glue, which is super stickier when compared to the white glue and it’s clear so less crap to wash out=yay

Then I keep going and have a bunch of handy units to glue down with the clear glue and then machine applique. I couldn’t decide between the blanket stitch and invisible applique so i did both. Invisible on the purple oval, green rayon on the green pieces and a bright turquoiuse on the circle.

Now they’re good to go!

I have 22 more triangles to piece for this border, then a solid 8 inch purple border, then 128 more 2 inch triangles in black and purple, then a 10 inch black border. Waahoo.


8 Responses to “Applique and more triangles.”

  1. sammi said

    Adam, Adam, Adam
    This is fascinating.

  2. Jan said

    I’m a mom of a six year old… you would think I would have known about clear washable glue…. insert v-8 smack on the head here. Thanks… that white stuff isn’t sticky enough for impatient people like me. I have no idea what to do for hissing half squares… spray starch at them? Equivalent of quilters pepper spray?

  3. Lynda in the mtns of NC said

    Very interesting, Adam. Thanks for the info. Will there be more applique? Can’t wait to see.

  4. Holly said

    I’m right there with ya on the triangles! It looks great and the colors are just “so me”.

  5. carie said

    It’s looking good. What is the brand of watersoluble foudation you like to use?

  6. Sharon said

    Adam — where can you find the water soluble foundation? Does it come in 8×11 sheets. New to me. Thanks, if you can reply.


  7. Debbie said

    Hi Adam – So, if I understand you correctly, you trace out your pattern pieces on to a 8 1/2″ x 11″ sheet of paper, and then run the water soluable foundation through your printer so you don’t have to keep retracing – is that right? Also, can you share the name of the foundation you use. Finally, I’d love to see you do a video tutorial on how you do the filler pattern on your home page, kind of like a paisley with pebbles around it. OK, thanks and keep up the fab work.

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