August 12, 2008

This was fun to deal with

In case you’re wondering, yes, that’s a thread goober. Please note that my machine didn’t sound any different while this was happening, it gave me now indication that it was vomiting up thread all over the place. I didn’t know until it jammed and my thread snapped.

People think I’m unjustly hard on this machine, but I’m really not. If I was slapping pantographs on everything I’m sure it would be fine. If I didn’t care about stitch length or tension it would be fine. If I liked really jerky movement on the frame itself for no apparent reason it would be fine.

Someone posted a comment comparing it to an Audi and a Lexus about if I would expect the same things from each, and you know what? I really wouldn’t. I would however completely expect that if I was in either car I could get from point A to point B without the God damn tires falling off, the air bags deploying for no reason, and the gas tank exploding all at the same time.

I’ll be the first to admit that I complain about this machine frequently and it’s not because I want something to complain about, trust me I have a hell of a lot more than this going on that deserves more attention. I’m not complaining, I’m informing. I’m writing this because when I was looking for a machine I saw nothing negative. When I asked about doing the things I wanted to on this machine I got thumbs up across the board because all the people using it said they were doing the same kind of quilting I was. Because they totally rocked a custom job on their nine patch customer quilt. They can run every thread, they never have tension problems and the frame itself is as smooth as a baby’s ass.

The truth is that those people weren’t doing anywhere near the type of quilting I do. They weren’t running every thread because they found one that worked and stuck with it, they don’t care about perfect tension and they sure as hell aren’t doing anything where you would be able to notice the frame just spazzing out for no reason at all.

When I at first very nicely mentioned my concerns I got “OPERATOR ERROR” over and over again. And you know what? It’s not operator error because I know what I’m doing. I know how the machine works and I sure as hell know how to quilt. I got called impatient and inexperienced and it still pisses me off because it was coming from people who do sloppy inconsistent work. It’s not me, it’s the machine.

I still can’t run a cotton thread without having crappy tension. I still can’t perfectly backtrack to my liking and yeah a lot of that is because I’m a complete perfectionist, but it sure as shit isn’t made any easier by a FLAWED machine. It’s not a matter of money either because I spent about ten extra dollars after I got my machine and it ran ten times better. This is a case of a company putting out a substandard machine, on a poorly designed frame and that is that. Everyone says that you get what you pay for and I’m saying that this machine isn’t worth anywhere near what I paid for it.

So the reason I keep complaining about this. The reason I keep posting about it is so that one day another man or woman who searches online wondering if the Voyager is a decent machine for the money they can read this and give it serious consideration because in my opinion, on my blog, where i can say whatever the hell I want it’s not worth it even if someone pays YOU to take it.

Off my soapbox.

P.S. Micro Stippling is still stupid.


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  1. Dawn said

    I usually just lurk, and I have a Nolting Hobby Quilter (about the same category size-wise) so while I sympathize, I’m not fighting the same quilting demons you are. :o) I tried every machine I could get my hands on at quilt shows and/or shops before I bought and was not impressed with Voyager…or HandiQuilter for that matter, at all…heavy, jerky and not living up to the hype I’d read about. The Hinty frame is minimumly doable (to me) and it does have quite a few obnoxious issues that the manufacturer seems to have no intention of improving, even after other sewers have invented the solutions! Even the fancy schmancy Gammills leave me with “meh”. Now an A-1 with their table I would lay down and die for! As soon as I’m independently wealthy…… :o)

  2. Diana Wilson said

    I understand your frustration and I wish there was a way you could remedy it w/o spending thousands MORE than you already have. Your quilting is stunning though. Absolutely stunning. I hope I get a chance to see this one in person.

  3. rondabeyer said

    Well Adam, I disagree, with you, we all are learning as we go even when we have been quilting for much longer then you have… Thread goobers happen to us all, even with the most expensive machines out there, yes even the Gammill and A-1’s, my machine does not sound any different when this happens to me, shit happens, get over it, quit blaming the machine, it is a combination of machine, thread, and human error. Your frame is light weight not poorly designed, also if you would replace the galvanized pipe (it is porous and rough) that your machine runs on and use an aluminum anodized pipe (nice a baby butt smooth) you would see a world of difference…. Do some home work, please do not rag on those who do panto’s and say that they don’t give a crap about tension or thread length, a poor assumption on your part and quite patronizing to those who try to help you, how many shows have you gone to, how did you become a quilting expert so quickly??? I have been in this industry alot longer then you have and I am by no means an expert, I am still learning with each quilt I do, if you want to knock yourself fine, but keep those who try to help you out of your struggles, thank them, be kind to your machine and move on….

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