July 26, 2008

It’s 8am and I’m still awake

But that’s not the point. The point is I discovered something pretty awesome when I was treating a sew of FQ’s I dyed around midnight.

See I dyed a gradiant of turq-yellow and I was running out of yellow dye powder, so one of the quarters for straight turquoise. I mixed the dye, let them sit for a while, added my soda ash and then let them sit for about 5 hours I guess. Before I tried to sleep the first time I dumped them out to soak in hot water and Retayne.

I seperated my turquoise FQ because i didn’t want any transfer from my green FQs to my pure turq. Anyway, I threw the turq piece in a seperate bucket with hot water and retayne and a few hours later (after I couldn’t sleep for the 2nd time) I woke up to find this:

I left it extra big, now to clarify I drained off my dye solution, then dumped the fabric into the bucket and filled it with hot water and Retayne. When I left it the water was REALLY dark (as turquoise is really hard to wash out) I normally let my fabrics soak for a while before i even attempt to wash with Synthrapol to let the dye leech out. If you click on the picture you can see that all the dye has collected and seperated from the water.

Here’s the best part. When I pulled the fabric out the dye partcles that weren’t attatched to the fabric STAYED in the bucket for the most part. I rinsed this piece once and the water ran clear WITHOUT synthrapol. Isn’t that amazing? The retayne not only boosts the color (i’ll take a pic to compare this piece to the same turquoise in my lonestar) but it makes rinsing out so much easier and you save so much water.

Okay, those colors aren’t acurate at all, but you get the point. Anyway, in short the retayne makes rinsing much easier and now i understand how Sharon Schamber can use such concentrated dye (even if it’s so unnecessary) since she uses so much retayne and it sucks all the extra dye out. Neat!


One Response to “Interesting!”

  1. Anjea said

    I *love* that blue! *drools*

    I thought Retayne was to keep the dye color intensity, and the Syntrhopol was to extricate the excess dye…?!?!?!

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