You’re the sole owner of wings.

July 22, 2008

Here’s a 4am post because sleep is for the WEAK.  Oh, what I wouldn’t give to sleep. What a glorious thing that would be. Anyway…

After much time dyeing a back, then ironing it, and marking my top and blah blah, superior takes forever to ship…My lonestar is almost ready to quilt.

It’s just hanging there, i need to straighten out my batting and cut my wool for the second layer once i get some energy. It’s pretty flat i think! know I’ve actually succeeded in my goal of piecing a flat top.

And then trying to figure out which threads to use.

INTERESTING NOTE See the teal bottom line and the metallic? Both from superior? They were 43$ with shipping. All those other threads plus about 4 more big cones and 3 little cones were LESS than the 2 from superior. I got them from and if there’s a difference between those and Isacord, I sure as hell can’t tell. I actually think the threadart thread is stronger than Isacord and much cheaper (also more colors)

Anyway, that’s it, i’m alive, just very sleepy.


3 Responses to “You’re the sole owner of wings.”

  1. Becca said

    How exciting! I cant wait to see your progress on this.It is beautiful.

  2. Connie said

    Taking the diamonds off was genius! Looks amazing, can’t wait to see the art start when you begin quilting!

  3. alwaysquilts said

    Hey Adam, I nominated you for a cyber award. Check out my blog for info. I love reading or watching your posts!!

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