off the frame

July 11, 2008

I think this cocksucking machine pushed me over the edge today (yes, I said that)

I won’t go into details because there’s not enough booze in the world, but it involved about 40 breaks of thread and for some completely baffling reason completely shitty tension and then absolutely perfect tension in the same area.

So! Instead of looking at it any longer I took a deep breath and struggled through my bottom border before I unpinned it. Since my frame and machine sucks it was impossible to do my left and right borders without turning the quilt, so i took it off and i’ll sleep on it and decide if I put it back on or just stick it in the closet. I’m seriously a little neauseous thinking about it.

Anyway, since it was off the frame I got some pictures of it, they’re crappy because it’s hard to photograph, but still.

The good news is I didn’t rip the fucker off, so maybe it’s not as bad as I think it is. Had it been just a fraction worse I would have ripped it off and used the remnants to cook my dinner.

In closing, here are some pictures of me when I was but a wee one before this bastard machine came into my life and made me doubt everything about myself.

and that little boy grew up to be…

and that fat guy grew up to be…

There. My gorgeousness made me feel a little better.


9 Responses to “off the frame”

  1. kayp said

    what a way to start/end your day. bummer about your machine. love the pix from your past! and i really hope the quilt gets back on your machine someday.

  2. zizzybob said

    I don’t care what you think, your work blows me away.

  3. Oh Adam…you are in a place I call longarm hell right now…so sorry about that. Loved seeing the “you” pics.

  4. Vicki W said

    Ok, you can put it away for a week or so but no longer than a month. That quilt is fabulous and deserves to be finished! Yes, you are fabulous too. 🙂

  5. Tina Chamberlain said

    Adam, you are so dang funny! I’m sorry your machine sucks. Maybe it was just having a bad day. Hang in there. Thanks for sharing your fabulousness!

  6. Diana Wilson said

    You are fab! Thanks for sharing!

  7. rondabeyer said

    Some days all we have left in our creative library is colorful metaphors….. All machines have tension demons hidden in the depths of their souls, try not to be so hard on your little quilting machine, I have played with a machine like yours and they are nice little machines, check your bobbins and see if they are distorted….. Now find a good friend mix a few drinks and bring out the seam rippers and have a ripping party, the demons will pass….

  8. alwaysquilts said

    Take a break from it and do something different. Then when you’re ready get back to it. Just don’t take too long because that quilt is awesome and I want to see it finished!

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