2 more seams!

July 8, 2008

Granted they’re 80 inch seams to sew but still. When I started piecing this I wanted to challenge myself to piece something REALLY perfectly. My lonestar is perfect. Every little point lines up like it should. It was a little pouchy in the center, but a shot of starch flattened it out.  I always end up screwing a quilt up when I go to put on the border, but this one? It’s perfect! My center section was a little out of shape (1/4 inch or so) but I took care of that with the first border and as I measured the left, right, and center they were all the exact same size.

That’s a major accomplishment for me. I’m not a very good piecer, but this one is pieced VERY well. I’m sure I should have done a mitered border, but you know what, if by the time this is all done you’re looking at my straight borders then you’ve missed the point entirely because my quilting is going to be out of this world (literally)

Get it? Of course I’m not going to quilt sealife into this quilt, but these are the pics I drew inspiration from for my motifs. It’s gon’ be crazy ya’ll!


One Response to “2 more seams!”

  1. Connie said

    Truly gorgeous–the fabrics look like they’re glowing from within. You’re gonna be a triple threat: dye-er (how the heck does one spell that word??), piecer, quilter!

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