Wow it’s been a while.

June 22, 2008

Now, hmm, point or no point?

My setting triangles would be about 30 inches which is really big i think, but still, sorta cool to play a motif for that area.

I’m leaning towards on point. Also, while pieclique is a fabulous way to do half square triangles, it KILLS the arms. I think my iron may be REALLY heavy. I was doing 1 inch finished triangles and that was just wayyyy too much work for me. These are two inch which is a little easier, but still. Also, I’d appreciate no smartass comments about piecing them the traditional way. I can’t do that. Trust me.

I think I’ll go with great big brown triangles to set it. I want the lonestar to have a small border to even everything out then the triangle border, then the setting triangles, thin, bigger border and then a wide border for lots of quilting


7 Responses to “Wow it’s been a while.”

  1. Vicki W said

    It’s really stunning Adam! I love it in the on point setting.

  2. Gayle said

    I like your plan. I prefer the on point setting too.


  3. Becca said

    No smartass comment here just a big wow! Love the way this is coming along.Just remember there is no such thing as quilt police.Do it whatever way you want its surely turning out fabulous.

  4. Laila said

    Your quilt looks lovely. Look forward to see how it turns out:-) Good luck:-)

  5. sue said

    on point for sure

  6. Love your color combo and the on point looks great. Do your own thing, you might just come up with the proverbial better mousetrap!

  7. Hi Adam
    Love your work.
    On point looks great and with lots of quilting just magic…

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