June 8, 2008

1. My nails aren’t dirty, i’m just a hardcore dyer.

2. How awesome is this quilt lookin’

The video is mostly about designing and i let you have a peek inside my sketchbook, perhaps one day i’ll dig out my feather book and flip through a few pages


4 Responses to “Design”

  1. Kathy W said

    Adam, you crack me up. I love your work and I think there is hope for me because…I Have That Very Same Walmart Sketchbook! Can you believe it? haha Thanks for sharing your ideas and designs with us. Looking forward to seeing the finished quilt.

  2. Mandy said

    I am so amazed at your work and happy you are willing to sharing with us your journey. I do wished I knew how you learned to do those pebbles. I’ve fallen in love with them since last year first seeing them. I can’t seem to find anywhere to teach me how to do them. I’ll have to get one of those sketch books you mentioned.

    I think as good as you are, Gammil should give you one of their machines as a teacher! Maybe you should send them a link to here to strut your stuff!

  3. Connie said

    Wow–just amazing work! I almost spit coffee on my computer when you said you might pitch the whole cloth in the closet ’cause of the two inch differential. Don’t you dare! Thanks for sharing–gives me something to aspire to!

  4. Christine said

    OMG – I just LOVE your work AND your videos/commentary! This is definately going to be bookmarked as a favorite and I’ll be back to visit again – thank you for sharing such wonderful humor, talent and insight!

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