June 1, 2008


Please don’t take offense to me mocking Ricky Tims, that’s an inside joke for the quilty ladies at MQR chat.

Do take offense to me saying that I do better work than most people since I meant people using the same machine I am. This thing is an ASSHOLE.


5 Responses to “”

  1. Kim said

    That looks AWESOME.. wow… amazing.

  2. mel said

    It is beautiful – you know we have to put imperfections in our work so heaven does not get angry! And once the whole is done the imperfections fade to nothing and what we have created looks just the way it should – imperfection is what makes things unique.
    I think this looks lovely and I love your vid of it. Thank you for sharing your work in progress with us.

  3. Diana Wilson said

    OMG! You crack me up man! You have gotten a LOT done already. I can tell you are geeked but pace yourself and for the sake of RICKY TIMS…STOP pointing out every flaw! There isn’t any such thing as a perfect quilt, um, unless your name is Renae or Sharon..hehe

  4. Deana said

    Perfect-schmerfect… You’re not Mary Poppins, so don’t worry about it. I think it looks *gorgeous* and I can’t wait to see more.

    Oh, and I think it’s called a vidcast 😀

  5. Terri said

    Just tripped over your blog, Adam! I can tell I am going to be adding this to my list of reading material everyday!! Cool quilts!

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