May 30, 2008

My mom came over today while I was sweating my boy parts off while marking this quilt. I only sweat because my eyes are so bad that I’m using a floor lamp with 5 100 watt bulbs under my plexi to make a light box. I stand right in front of it and it makes me sweat! My boy parts are still there, but still.

Anyway, she came over to talk to me about about my article in Quilter’s Home (July/August) and I was bitching about how hard this black wholecloth has been. Seriously, it’s a major pain. She decided to take over and marked half my border for me! She’s a little slower than I am, but I didn’t care because it gave me time to stick my head in the freezer and cool off.  She also brought me a roast beef sandwich!


4 Responses to “Awesome.”

  1. Kim said

    Yea for moms!! It looks awesome!

  2. Well, after I got threw spewing a mouthful of adult beverage on computer screen…I was going to say the same thing Vicki did…Go Mom!

  3. kayp said

    that is looking real good adam! give you mom a hug! she’s a keeper.

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