more stuff

May 21, 2008

Is it getting too ridiculous? I did these orange peels at 1.5 inches and then feathered the little melon shaped areas. I like the pebbles and the feathers but i feel like i need to choose between the two. hmm

and here’s a feather since i got some black highlights thread (not impressed)


3 Responses to “more stuff”

  1. Sally said

    For some reason known only to the angels, black thread on light fabrics shows each and every glitch. Whereas white thread on dark fabrics is more forgiving…
    Why? I haven’t a clue but it’s true.

  2. Diana Wilson said

    Take this for what it’s worth…the reason you think it is too MUCH is because there is too MUCH going on. You need a relief area to be able to appreciate your feathers OR your pebbles. When it is all quilted down like that nothing stands out as special. I’m just sayin….

  3. Vicki W said

    I agree with Diana. I think you would be happier with some degree of difference in teh quilted density of the two areas. Try the black thread on a dark fabric and I think you will like it better! Your talents continue to amaze me. Also, no sign of my plumber yet so that I can put my dye studio back together and dye your fabrics!

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