something new x2

May 17, 2008

Sort of new. I’m marking my wholecloth and needed to take a break because it really hurts my back and this beast is big (80×80) and black, so it’s taking a lot longer than it would if it were white or light

anyway, super Gayle sent me some wool batting to try and i had to play with it. I’m trying to come up with a really interesting background fill and i think i found it.

I like the 2nd one better i think, but i worry about it being too big and honestly I don’t think i could get it much smaller. The first one is cool too

I think I like the 2nd one because of the pebbles, because come on, I need a few million pebbles in every quilt i do, right?



8 Responses to “something new x2”

  1. Michelle Wyman said

    These are great Adam! I also pefer the 2nd fill because it is more defined and interesting. The first one looks like some feather fills I have seen before, but the 2nd one is unique. The spacing and density of it is perfect. Way to Go!

  2. Vicki W said

    Absolutely right!

  3. Vicki W said

    Absolutely right!

  4. Yep, I agree. I’m already thinking ahead…Prince of Pebbles….

  5. Gayle said

    I like the “wagonwheel” look of the 2nd one. I love how uniform you make it look. I’m sure mine would be all wonky and funky if I tried it.


  6. Jo Ann said

    These look great, Adam!

  7. Diana Wilson said

    My first thought was that I liked the first one better but after looking at them both again I believe you are right. Oh, and pebbles ARE YOUR THING! Can’t wait to see the new whole cloth!

  8. myolivebranch said

    i like it! i like it alot!

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