May 15, 2008

Gayle challenged me to try something new, so I did, three times

Tiny feathers. Tiny tiny. Maybe I can get them smaller, but probably not.

then a little tetris filler and pebbled with little triangles inside them. I’m into the tetris thing. Not so sure on the pebbles.

I guess four things.

then I tried straight lines without a ruler because i can’t afford the extended base for my machine to use rulers. yay.


3 Responses to “”

  1. Gayle said

    YAY for Adam. Trying new things. I need to do that more often myself. I like the little triangle inside the pebble too.

    Next time I send you a pkg, remember to remind me to put in a little ruler. I have an extra one.
    Hey… in the meantime, go spend a dollar or 2 at any craft store or Walmart and buy a piece of foam in the craft section. Get the thicker kind, its about 1/4″ thick. Then cut a strip off and you can use it like a ruler.


  2. Sally said

    I love those little straight lines. I heard on another blog that these were the new stippling. I love the texture of them.

  3. Janet said

    As usual your quilting is fab. As far as rulers go, I use them every day and do not use an extended base. I love rulers, I had over 50 last count. I’ve tried 3 bases and hated them all. You might try a simple straight ruler and see if you like it. That said, I actually really like the look of your non ruler lines. They have a nice organic look to them.

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