May 14, 2008

Marvel at my production skills!


9 Responses to “”

  1. Gayle said

    How fun to finally “meet” you Adam. Amazing how much it adds to hear someone’s voice and their humor and personality.

    Special thanks for the visual on how you do the coins. I finally “get it”!


  2. Vicki W said

    You are very funny! I have a serious problem trying to control my bad language too.

  3. carlafibers said

    You are adorable!! I may have to adopt you, Adam. I can tell you have a really good sense of humor. I have to watch my mouth, too.

    Helpful unsolicited idea:

    1) buy a tripod…LOL

  4. Becca said

    Fun Video Adam. I really have feather envy now.The ones you did so quickly heheh I cant get that nice no matter what speed!

  5. LOL – I think most of us who’ve been quilting for a while can figure out how to make the little coins with the pebbles Adam, but your video was entertaining. How about strapping the camera to your head, sort of like a cave light? 😉 A tripod will do in a pinch too.

  6. carieshields said

    It was so nice to hear your voice to go with your fabulous quilting. I get your sence of humor. I’ve got to watch my mouth too, especially since I work with young children

  7. twomoonbay said

    Great video Adam…would love to see more..oh, nice to finally “meet” you…


  8. beewitchinstitchin said

    Hi Adam,

    I loved the video! I have serious longarm envy, still waiting to get my first one. I was going to suggest a tripod but I can see that idea has already been presented. Keep up the good work; looking forward to the next great production.

  9. Judy Wolf said

    Loved the video Adam. I hope you figure out how to tape and quilt. You are such a talented young man.

    Judy in MO

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