Coins or plates

May 12, 2008

Since everyone liked the coins or plates background filler so much, I thought i’d sketch out how i did it. Perhaps a video one day. I intend to use the pebbled variation (5a) on my wholecloth.

1. start off with a half circle

2. echo it twice mine around about 1/8 of an inch

3. then echo a third time about 1/4 inch away from the last echo.

4. To layer them start a new half circle and repeat if you get stuck or if it looks too uniform you can backtrack over your last echo to mix it up.  You have to stitch in the ditch/outline of other motifs to move around to do the echos

for the variations i did pebbles in the 1/4 inch area (and would probably echo that again 1/8 inch away)

5b has them feathered

5c has a swirl in it which i don’t think i could do as small as i usually work

and here’s the finished quilt.

and the backing


4 Responses to “Coins or plates”

  1. Sonya said

    Thanks for the tutorial. It is a very cool fill!

  2. rondabeyer said

    Those are so cool, I saw them on Sharon Schambers website on her newest quilt, have fun working them out….

  3. Vera said

    Those are so cool. I need to learn how to do feathers….. Your work is very nice. enjoyed looking at it.

  4. Julie said

    This background filler is absolutely gorgeous!

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