All over the world tonight.

April 1, 2008

Another day spent working on stipples. The exciting thing is that when my fabric comes on Wednesday I’ll probably have all the quilting planned out. Well, my border quilting at least. I still need to design appliqué and some motifs for trapunto.


So tonight I drew a 4×12 square on some muslin trying to get my feathers smaller. I want to use them as a stipple and I’m very happy with this except for that feather on the right side that comes out of the other feather. I don’t know what the hell I was thinking when I put that in there.


Still, getting 4 feathers in one little space is pretty good. I think I can still go a little smaller and still keep them looking nice. You can see another stipple I’m working on next to it. It’s a feathered spiral but it’s being difficult.


There’s my little teardrop/spiral/pebble stipple and some serpentine stippling. I’m pretty tired so my serpentine got a little big.


That the whole piece. My borders on the quilt at 6×67, so I still need to think up a few more designs to fill them. I’m so in love with the sulky rayon it’s not even funny.


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